The Second Life of Nick Mason by Steve Hamilton

This was not a “type” of book I had been reading normally but it was a nice break from the romance.  This is story about a guy who gets out of prison early just to have his life basically run by someone else.  So even with being OUT of prison it still feels like a prison.  When he went to prison 5 years before he was to serve a 20 year sentence, only to have “someone” dismiss the charges.  Nick now owed this person his freedom, his one task to answer the phone whenever it rang no matter what.  I love the little twists and turns that were thrown into the book.  I love that he tried to fight this life, and yet realized he couldn’t go back to his old life with his ex-wife and daughter.  While I don’t feel he got a HEA in the book, I do feel like for what is going on in his life that he got some sort of happiness by the end of it.  I did really enjoy this book.


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