Shift (Hot Rides #2) by Sidney Bristol

I felt this book was a little slow to start, it took me about 20% to really get into and then it was hard to put down.  I did like that we met these characters in Drive, but we didn’t really learn much about them until now.  I loved both of them pining for the other from afar thinking there was no way the other could ever feel the same way.  Once they got together, they both still thought that the other didn’t really want it.  But I loved the take charge attitudes they both had and how they would both fight and do anything to make it work.  I think part of the reason it started out slow was because it was harder to really connect with Emery, he often replied in one word answers to Tori and while it was said it was because he was into her and it was hard to communicate, I found it weird that suddenly that changed and he was like fully sentences, remember.  I did like that Tori saw there was so much more to him then meets the eye, I just felt we saw this shift very suddenly with Emery.
So much action in this book, and you had no idea who was after Tori.  I love the idea of fast cars and lots of action.  While I like romance, I don’t only want the focus on that so I liked that while we got some hot steamy stuff, that wasn’t ALL we got, and I felt that was well balanced.

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