Pros & Cons by Sydney Logan

This book was AMAZING.  It started out with so much sexual tension and banter that I just loved.  Jenna and Ethan are career con-(men) people…and both think the other couldn’t possibly be interested in them.  But their banter and flirting really tells you otherwise.   I love when books don’t just throw a couple together, and there was background to tell us that they had known each other for a long time.  Both figured one kiss would get the other out of their system, but they were so very wrong, and one kiss told them they could never get enough.   But with the life they had chosen they were in danger, so we got suspense and drama from that, while actually seeing a happy couple (once they got to that point).  I did not find it unbelievable when they fell in love because the author showed that the feelings for the other had been there for awhile and they had been denying them.  This was one of the best books I have read lately.  I don’t mind heavy “sex”, etc, I loved that that was not the focus in this book, so while they had sex, we also didn’t have tons of details in each and every chapter.  (it is a nice change of pace from some other books I have read).  I highly recommend this book if you like action, drama, romance and suspense with a HEA!


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