Rook & Ronin Omnibus Edition by J.A. Huss

This is 3 books about Rook and Ronin.  I see there are spin offs about Spencer and Ford which I can not wait to read.  Rook shows up with no money at a modeling studio because she ran away from her old life and only had $10 to her name.  She of course meets Ronin early and while he is instantly attracted to her she is trying to stay away from him (not because she doesn’t find him attractive).  This is their love story.  My only real issue is that I feel they fall IN LOVE too quickly.  I don’t find that realistic and I think that is a problem a lot of romance books have.  I did like that she couldn’t say it right away because she wasn’t sure.  But this series is really about Rook, with her meeting and befriending 3 guys, Ronin, Spencer and Ford.  Who all know each other…you find out how and why the three guys are connected, but all 3 help to take care of her as they all slowly find out about her past life.  She sure has had a hard one with being only 19.


This was a quick read as I really enjoy her writing and I love the mystery and the problems they face and must go through.  I love slowly learning the backstory of the characters and watching them grow.
Without giving anything away the epilogue really got to me…and now I HAVE to read Ford’s story!


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