Flawed by Tracy Wolff

I felt so bad for Tori when this book started, she had her entire world ripped apart and felt all alone.  A recent college graduate who was trying to get her life in order and then a sex tape comes out and then her dad disowns her and she has NOTHING not even a pair of shoes.  She end up at her best friends house and who is staying there but her best friend’s brother Miles.  They fight with the best of them, but their love-making is also the best.  They have know each other for a year and always seems to have disdain for the other…but them being together with everything that has happened has them both seeing a different side of the other, which of course leads to amazing sparks.  We watch drama unfold as well as love.  There is so much packed into this book that I couldn’t put it down!
I will say though, I wish we got more of her and her brother and find out how their relationship really was affected by Tori being disowned.  Jason seemed to really want to be there and help her and yet other than the one phone call we heard nothing about him.
I do love books that give you a HEA and even though I saw this was part of a series, I hadn’t read any other books in it and did not feel lost at all while reading.

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