Wind River Rancher by Lindsay McKenna

** this book is released Dec 27th, 2016

A down on his luck former Marine named Reese winds up in the small town outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  He lucks out as this is a town who loves hiring vets so they can get back on their feet.  They gave so much to this country this is the least the town can do.  This is where he meets Shay, who owns the Bar C ranch and also happens to be former military.  Reese struggles with PTSD and had some issues with his past relationship so is beyond scared to ever try anything with a woman again, especially sharing a bed at night.  There are 3 other vets that live on the ranch and we get to learn about all of them and they each bring a specialty to the ranch.  Reese happens to be great with numbers so helps out as the bookkeeper.

As Reese adapts to life on the ranch he helps with getting the Bar C back on its feet.  But really he is rebuilding himself and is becoming a better man.  He and Shay fall in love with each other but of course, it takes time and is a great buildup!  I love that it was a slow buildup and that they never rushed things.  That we saw them both grow as individuals and as friends first.

Let me just say Reese seems to be one hot cowboy. **Drool Drool**


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