Buttons and Lace by Penelope Sky

This is book 1 in a series of 3.  It is very very dark, but you can also see so much caring as well which balances it out in a way.  Pearl is one tough lady and I love that she never gave up her fight, which unfortunately for her is part of what these men liked about her.  I hope we continue to see her fight and strength throughout the rest of the series.  Crow is both dark and sweet and I hope we can see Pearl tame Crow enough to justify them being able to be together.  I do hope we see the revenge on.. (Not giving away spoilers) though.  This was a book that I could not put down.  This book is so much better then 50 Shades and a must read for people who like the darker romance.  Note: There are things like rape, abuse so if this is not something you can handle I would skip the read…but while it isn’t my favorite the book itself was one that no one seems to be able to put down.


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