How Not To Let Go by Emily Foster

My biggest issue is that I just did not feel any connection to this couple…they honestly had no real struggles and the only time I was ever invested was when it involved Charles’ family.  The disfunction of his family sure kept things interesting and gave more insight into him as a character.  The problem is, we never saw how Charles and Annie fell in love, or really even what it was about them that would draw us in.  The two of them just never had any real struggles in my opinion, them being apart just seemed forced because he said he had demons but even then we never fully saw them.  Most of the book they were friends who sometimes slept together, and also while I get the book is about how NOT to let go it would have been nice to see at least one of them try and fail and realize they couldn’t let go or something…or even have him reach out to get her back and actually prove they belonged together, her just waiting around was kindof pathetic honestly.
There needs to be a reason for us to root for them to be together, for us to care about them ending up together.  I did like their friendship though.
After finishing this book I see there is another before this with the same couple.  When the description says NEW I figured it was new people not a continuation.  Maybe with reading the first one would feel more connected to them and could enjoy this more.  It also doesn’t help that I know NOTHING about climbing and there are a lot of references to that throughout the book.

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