Same Page by GL Tomas

Let me start by saying I liked the warning at the beginning…but I knew “cheating” would be involved early on and while I don’t love that idea, the way it was done made it easier to take.  But I do not know how to properly pronounce Naima. (I feel terrible about it too).
I loved these two getting to know each other and I loved how they met at the beginning of the story.  People knowing they were “close friends” without them ever actually admitting it.  The side characters were also great, and I love that they all have nicknames.
I had trouble putting this book down but while it ended with a somewhat cliffhanger, it really worked for this book and gives you hope for the future.
The two main characters you get know throughout the book, just little things but it makes it interesting when you read them having a conversation half way through still wanting to get to know each other.
There is sex in the book but I didn’t find it over the top and I liked that there was more to Timothy and Naima then just the sex.  So many books spend so much time on the sex that we don’t really see the rest of their relationship…this book excelled at that.

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