You Should Smile by Renee Leigh

Forbidden love…but they meet before he becomes her professor and on her dissertation committee.  This book had so much sexual tension that you couldn’t help but love and it was a nice slow burn for an actual relationship to start.  But by the end of the book I was so sick of reading the word creases, that it started to turn me off to it.  I will say, their skype “meeting” was one of the hottest things I have read in a book in a really long time.
I love the “surprise” at the end which also just makes this love story even better.  Plus I loved the nicknames they came up with for the other, a sweet touch.
One issue I had was that a few situations were not really believable to be overall.  Like the Dean’s reaction to the mess that came up as well,as I felt Shay’s reaction to the pictures was just TOO MUCH.  But it made Thad seem so much sweeter after that also.  Who wouldn’t want a Thad of his own, and the business he owns, man he is an amazing guy!  But I will say, I didn’t love that Shay was shown drinking to excess too many times and that as a PhD student was still partaking in this stuff as well as getting in over her head.  I did love her best friend Grant though.
You can purchase this book here: You Should Smile

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