Promises, Promises by Jodie Bordeaux

Izzy and Z are adorable.  She has a terrible past, which included recently running away from “him”, her rich and powerful ex.  She goes to stay with her best friend which is how she meets Zander.  Zander at the time had a girlfriend but still felt an intense connection to Izzy from their first meeting at his bar. (No cheating takes place in this book which I love)
I love Izzy’s roommates, Mel, Clark and Flynn.  I love that Flynn and Z grew up together and have been best friends forever as their parents are great friends.
This book does a great job of getting you to feel everything for the characters and to root for them non-stop.  I love that they try to go slow but there is just something that draws them to each other and they can’t stay away, SO…MUCH….PASSION.
You can pick up the book here: Promises, Promises

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