Healing Melody by Olso and Priya Grey

Melody was in a terrible car accident and was burned badly and wasn’t the same after.  She was a talented musician but doesn’t think she can ever face people again because she is so ugly.  Kade’s son was very sick and he needed money for an experimental treatment, which is how he came to work for an old friend and became an escort.  Melody was instantly drawn to his eyes from his picture.  While she was paying for sex, it was really more then that to both of them, they had a connection.
I cried more then once throughout this book, and that hasn’t happened in a long time.  Both had so much pain and grief that neither thought they would ever really be happy again, but together they realize they can do anything.

This is a must read book and to me a different type of romance book from what I had been reading!  5 stars

You can purchase the book here: Healing Melody

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