Relent by Nina Levine

This book offers so much…
First love turning into true love.
Painful pasts and trying to overcome that.
Fighting for what you want.
Hot sex.
My only complaint is that I felt Evie was TOO accommodating to Kick and I wish he had to work a little harder to actually win her over.  I get she has loved him since she was a kid and she missed him.  But I never actually SAW that he had changed before they got back together like she had wanted, and yet I get how a death can change you.
I liked the flashbacks to when they were younger.  Kick always had Evie’s back, so I can see why she was attracted to him and why she loved him.  Yet he pushed her away.  She never even TRIED to move on.  17 years worth of love between them, how could you not root for them.
I do love the idea of a past love and reconnecting, but I just wish we had a little more “trying” from Kick and a little less of it being her doing whatever he says and so much sex.
But overall, I love Nina’s writing and can’t wait to read the rest of this series.
You can purchase this book here: Relent

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