Billionaire Bombshell by Sienna Valentine

Billionaire Bombshell.jpg

To me this wasn’t your typically billionaire romance with some “poor” girl.  This books starts with Oliver and Elizabeth meeting in a club and having a one-night stand…but this turns out that she is the designer on Oliver’s house so they must work together.  Which leads to some great fights.

Sometimes I feel like these billionaire books are about the woman needing the money in a way and yet Elizabeth could take care of herself and met Oliver without knowing who he was and even then she didn’t care about the money.

I loved seeing Oliver want to be nice to Liz and yet wanted to push her a way, it was a nice struggle.  If you want to find out what the big bombshell is that keeps Oliver from settling down then this is a must read.

This was a fun read.

You can purchase this book here: Billionaire Bombshell



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