Come Undone By Gabi Moore

Mark works with his hands, making amazing things out of wood, leather, etc….He makes sex toys/cages as well as tables.
Kat met Anthony while speed dating and he proposed soon after.  She is newly divorced with a young daughter.  Anthony is stable and can give her a good life and she feels she isn’t getting any younger.  She meets Mark while with Anthony checking on some work he has done for Anthony’s business.  There is instant chemistry and yet, there is nothing that can be done.  (Now I wouldn’t say her and Anthony are really that serious considering he told her she could have time to think about the proposal.  I never felt anything for Kat and Anthony.  There was always something off about him and this book never really goes into that, and by the end he was just mean so I was happy that that relationship ended.
She wanted stable and easy and Mark was NOT that…but she couldn’t help how she felt.  She reached out to get him to make a piece for her, as she was curious and didn’t know what to expect.  Form their first kiss you knew there was something there, even if she tried to deny it.  Through Gabi’s storytelling you can tell how much she lit up whenever she would talk to him or even think about him.  We have A LOT of back and forth by Kat but from day one you knew exactly what Mark wanted, and he wanted Kat.
You can purchase this book here: Come Undone

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