Unbroken by Emerson Rose

Imani meets Marcus when he is a patient at the hospital where she is a nurse after he gets in a car accident and is in a coma.  Something from that first meeting draws her to him, she doesn’t know what it is but she can’t escape it.
When Marcus wakes up he calls out for Imani as he remembers listening to her in the coma and he fought to come back for her.
Their lives become a series of hospital stays and they bond is always stronger then they could even believe.
She had a traumatic past and never thought she could love again and then here came Marcus.  Marcus has a dark past and once he is back he has two personalities.  While Imani can only handle one of them, she knows his good side is who he really is.
Together they learn to love and rely on each other and be the best part of the other.
My biggest issue is that HE keeps her from her family and friends and I wish we saw more of her relationships OUTSIDE of Marcus. So while you could always feel their love I wish Imani was a little stronger and made sure she was able to spend time with her family and friends instead of ONLY Marcus.
Also this book is 907 pages, so be ready for a LONG read!
You can purchase this book here: Unbroken

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