Riddick by Kathy Coopmans


 You never forget your first love…this is the truth for Riddick and Cora.  Both think the other is dead thanks to Cora’s brother Jesse.  12 years later they happen to live next door to each other.  Sparks fly like they did before, neither had gotten over the other.  One thing has changed though, they have a child together.  Riddick does not want to waste another minute.
Also the fact that Riddick is a cop and not in a gang, makes me enjoy this all the more.  He wants revenge but he wants to do it ABOVE the law and not just take it into his own hands (or well he does in a way but doesn’t).
You would think nothing has changed as neither want to waste any time after being apart for 12 years.  You also can’t help but love her new family as well as his two best friends, they add a little something extra. This is a man with his bike who isn’t in a gang and who is very alpha when it comes to HIS woman!
You can purchase this book here: Riddick

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