The Heir by Ellie Danes

The Heir.jpg

This book was SO much fun to read.  It is always nice to read a book that has humor and doesn’t have any major roadblocks.  I love that Lyla was a hard-ass and pushed Landon.  I loved Landon’s friend Andrew, I loved Riley’s friend Anna.  This book overall has a little bit of everything.  And by the end you have a great ending for everyone.

A year after Riley’s grandfather’s death she finally sells his house and moves across the country to be with her best friend Anna and also has broken up with her boyfriend Owen.  She wants to drive from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and on the way her rental car breaks down.  There she meets Landon Michel.  Who is the billionaire who when it starts has a huge gala the next night.  Riley doesn’t know who he is but they are instantly drawn to each other.

I don’t have enough words to describe my love of this book.  Riley and Landon are both awesome and I feel that for their situation their drama is real.  I loved everything about this book without exception.  Everyone needs to read it!!

You can purchase this book here: The Heir


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