Intense by B.B. Hamel

Reading about it being a dark romance I was actually expecting something very different.  This book had me from the first page all the way until the very end.
Ethan was bored with women and upon receiving a text message and then talking to a friend he decided to attend an auction, one that auctions of women for a given period of time.
Aria desperate for money and trying to start over deciding selling herself was the best way to get the money that she needed.  She did not know what to expect but the rules were that she wouldn’t get paid if she didn’t make whoever bought her happy.  And they were also not allowed to hurt her, etc…
From the moment Ethan and Aria meet there is amazing chemistry.  And Ethan doesn’t want to sleep with her just because he bought her, he wants her to really want him.  He gives her an amazing room but she must stay in it, but she gets bored all day when he is too busy for her.  And yet, he tries to stay away because he is getting in over his head.
Add in the suspense and drama that happens later and this book will leave you on the edge of your seat.  A+ for creativity and making this different then others.
You can purchase this book here:  Intense

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