The Valentine Quest by Melissa McClone

The Valentine Quest.jpg
This was such a fun take on a romance.  Nevada is there to finish her PhD and to spend time with her sister Dakota, so she did not have time for the hot cowboy, also she HATES Valentine’s Day.  Dustin needs a break from his day to day job at the ranch.  There is a grand prize at the end of the Valentine Quest of a vacation to Fiji.  Nevada decides to enter to win a trip for her brother who will be leaving the Air Force soon.  Dustin just wants a vacation.  Dustin realizes every other “team” is partners so he forms an alliance with Nevada.  Things sure start out rocky but can a magical kiss and working together to win the quest be just what these two need to start something more?
I loved that it wasn’t just an instant thing between them, neither wanted a relationship.  Both had their mind made up about the other early, but sometimes as you work together you find out what the other person is really made of and you realize what you initially thought was so wrong.
You can purchase this book here: The Valentine Quest

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