Cold Hearted by Winter Renshaw

This is the story of Rhett and Ayla.  Ayla goes to New York to settle her estranged half-brother’s estate (estranged is being nice since he refused to get to know her), she meets Rhett who was teammates with her brother.  Rhett USED to be best friends with the brother, but his death happened with the death of HIS fiancée, so he is PISSED.  Ayla doesn’t tell Rhett the truth and yet he wants a no strings relationship so while she tried to tell him multiple times he didn’t want to hear it.  But I also don’t think it is fair to judge Ayla because of her half-brother either.  But yet, I get why he was upset by finding out the truth.
When he finds out is where it becomes a little rushed.  His brother Locke suddenly has a daughter and wants to settle down.  Ayla, can’t move on from Rhett and yet has becoming a best-selling author.  Rhett, he can’t forgive her for the lie but suddenly he can’t live without her…I do get that he loves her and his brother having a daughter and wanting a family opened his eyes, but I honestly wish we had more of them working their way back together instead of her just giving in and having sex with him.  He needed to understand why she had waited to tell him, he needed to win her trust as well…there were a lot of ways the story could have progressed before the end.
That said, I had trouble putting this book down as Winter is a great writer. I liked their chemistry and I liked that no matter what they were drawn to each other.  Rhett couldn’t help but want to be around Ayla and she helped him heal in a way from the deaths.
You can purchase this book here: Cold Hearted

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