Buttons and Hate by Penelope Sky


This is book 2 of 3 in the series and I think it is better then book 1.  I always love seeing the softer side of Crow and despite what he would say I love seeing him fall for Pearl.  I also enjoyed seeing his brother Cane, and why he isn’t a “nice guy” this book showed me a different side of him also.  But Pearl, I think she is the strongest woman ever.  This book is a roller coaster as always and will leave you on the edge of your seat and will have to barely hanging on until the final book comes out.

Penelope has a way of writing that sucks you in from the very first page, and by the end you are not ready for it to end.  There are some dark topics but overall I feel this one is SLIGHTLY lighter then book 1.  But she was still sold and then kidnapped, so we can’t forget that she is a victim to Crow.

This is a MUST READ series of the year!

You can purchase this book here: Buttons & Hate


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