North Star by M.E. Montgomery

I did not now what to expect from this book, but right from the beginning it drew me in.  It is amazing what a 5 year old boy can do.  Aiden loses his parents and lives with his uncle Alex.  They are both broken and lost…one night at a bar Alex happens to meet Kayla who literally falls in his lap, and while she walked away that day, fate had bigger things in store for them.
Kayla is keeping a close watch on her heart after the last man she was with shattered her…Alex somehow wiggles his way into her heart in ways she never imagined and Aiden helped to play a piece in it.
This is a very moving story of overcoming loss and finding someone who can help you become a better person.  You smile when they smile and you hurt for them when they are upset.  You will not want this book to end…and then it does and you are left with a massive hole plus a huge cliffhanger!
You can purchase this book here: North Star

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