Cuffs and Ballers by S.J. Bishop

Cuffs & Ballers.jpg
Jax and Treena were high school sweethearts, then Jax when off to college and ended up leaving Treena behind.  She was heartbroken.
Luck would have it that she would run into him when she got a new job as a detective in New York where Jax was a star football player.  While she vowed to stay away from him, she couldn’t…until he gets accused of a murder and of course she is one of the lead detectives on the case.
Will this break them or make them stronger, will she prove his innocence or did he commit the terrible murder of his ex-wife.  Will Treena be able to cut it as a detective in the “man’s world”.  This is a book that has great romance and second chances but gives us a bunch of suspense as well.  I think it has a little bit of everything and once you start you will have to see how it all ends.
You can purchase this book here: Cuffs & Ballers

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