Dirty Duet by Taryn Quinn

Dirty Duet.jpg

I loved West and Lauren. She is learning to be a groupie and West is in the band.

I love the take on her being a virgin and I love that Lauren has a big mouth and says EXACTLY what she thinks with no filter. West was instantly drawn to the girl who was getting carted away by security. Their chemistry is awesome and you can just feel the sexual energy dripping off of both of them. I feel like they bring out a side of each other that just makes them each better.

Both have a sad back story which I will leave to you to read, so they both have issues and want to overcome things and prove things. It makes for a great story as it adds some drama and more intrigue.

This book is a fun read from the very first page all the way to the end.

You can purchase this book here: Dirty Duet


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