The Game Changer by Megan Ryder

 The Game Changer
A book about a baseball catcher and a dog rescue girl, how can you go wrong.  I am typically a cat person myself but I don’t know how anyone could not fall in love with Sadie and Carl (the dogs).
Dylan is just living his time waiting to see where he will go next season as his contract was up at the end of the season.  Savannah takes care of the “stray” dogs around her community and tries to rehabilitate them so they can find new homes.
I felt both were “lost” in a way and it took them finding each other.  She was going to help him with his dog since he traveled so much with work…but it turned into more without either of them really realizing it.
There is some drama, and both Dylan and Savannah have issues to deal with but overall I find it a sweet love story.
Also, I love the side characters, the other players, Dylan and Savannah’s sisters, etc.  It really adds a lot to a story when you can love (or hate) all the characters.  Megan has a great writing style that really draws you in!
You can purchase this book here: The Game Changer

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