Fierce by Nina Levine

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Here’s a taste:

“Good,” he murmured, eyes on my lips, “Now, I don’t do this dating thing so I’m not sure, but I reckon I’m supposed to get a kiss out of it.” His left hand had made its way to my face and he was holding my cheek.

Smiling, I bantered, “That would only be if you were dating a woman who didn’t have a three-date policy.”

“What the fuck’s a three-date policy?”

“You take me on three dates before you get a kiss.”

His eyes twinkled. “Babe, you’re deluding yourself. We’ve already kissed and you’ve already made it clear you want me to fuck you. I’d say your three-date policy is null and fucking void.”

“Well, have you made your mind up about having sex with me yet?”

Smirking, he asked, “Are you trying to bribe me with a kiss for sex, Harlow?”

“Would it work? Because if it would, I’d break my three-date policy right here and now.”

Leaning even closer to me, he promised, “Fucking you was always on my agenda. First I’m going to fuck you with my tongue, and then I’m going to fill your pretty pussy with my cock. So I’d say it’s time for you to give up that sweet mouth.”

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WARNING: The Storm men are addictive.


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