Rough Diamond by Leslie Knight

Rough Diamond
Chloe starts out somewhat awkward and shy, I feel like she is someone a lot of people could relate to.  She does odd jobs here and there to earn money and is also a waitress at a diner.  But all she really wants is to have her online business take off.  ALSO, I LOVE HER CAT, Jackson.  There is just something to me about a character having a cat that makes me happier!
Vlad is an ex-con who just wants to make an honest living these days, his boss happens to be an ex mafia member himself.
Chloe and Vlad first meet at a bar and there was instant attraction, but things really come to head when she is kidnapped while he is driving the getaway car for a jewelry heist.  He said her name, she knew it was him…he asked her to keep quiet.  The book is really about them trying to return the diamonds to the mafia and stay out of trouble.
Passion ignites between them and they can’t deny their feelings.  They both bring out a different side of each other, which is fun to see.  Chloe becomes a lot more adventurous and it is a nice turn of events from how we first meet her.
 This is my first book by Leslie but it will not be my last.  Her writing really draws you in and you can not wait to see how everything turns out.
You can purchase this book here: Rough Diamond

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