Black Obsidian by Victoria Quinn

Black Obsidian

This book felt a lot like 50 Shades of Grey, and yet I feel the writing is so much better.  I LOVED Rome’s independence and stubbornness, she didn’t just give in to Calloway.  He is a Dom and yet he would do whatever to win her over as he thinks he can make her his sub.  Both have a rough past, and it is nice to see bits and pieces of that past throughout the book.
This book itself I wouldn’t say is dark, but maybe they get darker as the series continues.
Both Calloway and Rome work for non-profits and I love seeing them giving back to others in this book, Rome is barely getting by and of course Cal is a billionaire.
The writing is fantastic and again I love the stubbornness and independence of Rome and I hope that never changes.  A part of me hopes she never submits as his sub, because I really feel like part of what he likes about her so much is that she stands her ground and doesn’t just give in to his every demand.
The way they met is the BEST.  And of course he was turned on by her slapping him several times.  It was refreshing to see her make a fool of herself a few times early on, it makes her a more realistic character.  I can’t wait to see where this series goes.
You can purchase this book here: Black Obsidian

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