Accidents Happen by Josie Bordeaux

Accidents Happen.jpg

I don’t even know how to describe my love of this book…it sucks you in, you will get nothing else done until you finish it. I loved Cal from the moment we meant him, and seeing his heartbreak. Andi gets amnesia, but let me tell you, her falling in love with Cal all over again is so so amazing. I love her best friend Lana and Cal’s brother Alex.

So much mystery and drama and suspense. It is great going through learning thing as Andi tries to recover her memories. Cal and Andi are the sweetest couple and you can’t help but root for them from the very beginning and never once do you question their relationship.

There is a little bit of sex but not overly detailed and minor violence but not enough of either to stop anyone from reading this book IMO.

Going through everything with Andi you will feel like you ARE her, and it is an amazing feeling. You will fall in love with Cal just like Andi does, and you will be sad because the book is over and you aren’t ready to let them go yet.

You can purchase this book here: Accidents Happen


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