Something Old by Megan Ryder Review

Something Old.jpg

This is a great second chance book. I personally enjoy when things are just smooth sailing as I find things more realistic when there is some drama involved in a story. Delaney and Ethan broke up 5 years prior, they ended because her of her father’s fall from grace. She was trying to keep Ethan out of it. (of course there is always more to a story then that, but I don’t want to give things away). Now here they are at a wedding after 5 years. Both realizing they aren’t over the other and the bride trying to play matchmaker for them.

Of course both are scared to get involved with the other, and throw in Ethan’s dad who wants Delaney nowhere near his son and you have some instant problems. Delaney feels lost and is just going through the motions…after Delaney left Ethan he ended up on a farm making wine. Ethan loves what he is doing and yet his dad says he needs to take over their business.

Will Delaney and Ethan be able to find love again or will their past be too much for them to overcome?

With that, I love the side characters in this book, (even the ones like Ethan’s dad that are on the mean side). It gives the book more life when you can enjoy everyone throughout a story not just the MAIN ones.

This book flows nicely and it easy to read straight through! 🙂

You can purchase this book here: Something Old


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