Too Much by Ella Miles

Too Much

This book is so different from any other book I have read.  It starts at the end and (almost) ends at the beginning of their story.  Quinn and Hunter are so heartbreaking and I not only cried at the end but at the beginning as well.  And I NEVER would have predicted how this story would end.
Ms. Miles really weaves a complex story that you can not put down and stays with you long after you finish reading. Quinn is a very strong, independent woman and you can’t help but love her strength and Hunter is both strong but also shows his vulnerable side.  You love both of them individually but also love this relationship that has grown.  I really do love the take that we see things from the end forward, it is so sad and great how we finally find out how they met and why they stayed in touch all this time.
I do not think anyone could read this book without shedding some tears.  The emotion in this book is beyond amazing and you can really feel how both characters feel throughout this story.
You can purchase this book here: Too Much

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