Let’s Dance by Terra Kelly

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Let's Dance
** Release Day for Let’s Dance **
** Who’s ready to dance with me? **
Let’s Dance (The Winters Family Series: Book Four)
** This book can standalone from the series. **
When Shawna Daniels plowed into Danny Winters, she had no clue how much things would change. Dancing had been her life until she gave it all up years ago. Running away from the past was her MO. Juilliard turned her away, her parents pushed her away, now can Danny spin her back towards happiness?
Danny changed his last name to Winters and fought hard to let go of the memories of his past. Working as a firefighter with his best friend was all he ever wanted. For the last two years he has tried to find a way to just hold Shawna, and never expected his past to collide with his future for this once-in-a-lifetime encounter.
When life gives them a chance to move forward, can Danny and Shawna do just that? Can each step they take together push away the past?
Recipes available in the back of the book made by the characters.
This is the first book in this series I have read so I feel this can easily be read as a standalone, but with that said, this book makes me want to go back and read the others. Besides being about romantic love, this book is about family, friendship and doing what you need to do to make yourself happy. All of these things add up into one really amazingly written story about Danny and Shawna who are both estranged from their families. Danny becomes a “Winters” and even changed him name to that. Shawna became estranged when she decided to pursue dancing after high school instead of being a lawyer like her family.
Danny has been in love with Shawna for 2 years, but she wants nothing to do with a romantic relationship. Everything changes when Danny becomes her dance partner and her walls start to crumble. I love that over time they really get to know each other and while they at afraid the other will turn away when they learn things it only ends up making their relationship stronger.

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