Bad Things by Emily Goodwin

Bad Things

Wow…this book was sure a roller coaster, especially for Diana. I feel for her so much, and she really does deserve so much happiness. Cole had a terrible breakup 5 years before, and while I haven’t read any other books by her, I am glad that Cole and his brother seem to be getting along better now! 🙂

Ana is an up and coming author and Cole ends up her editor. He is also trying for a promotion, so needless to say, this relationship is messy, and yet, so much fun to watch. You can’t help but love these two together and Emily writes in a way that really shows how much happiness they bring the other and how they are never far from each other’s minds.

But note, since this is a duet, this book does end on a cliffhanger, and man, I CAN NOT wait to see what is in store for Diana and Cole as the next book comes out.

You can purchase this book here: Bad Things

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