Hidden by Lies by Rachel Caid

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Pearl Abbott

I made a choice.
A single lie that changed everything.
In that moment, my life stopped spinning out of control. Not because I found my way, but because I hit rock bottom. Hard.
Now, I have a second chance. An opportunity to turn my life around and become the woman I’ve been too afraid to embrace. And I’m taking it.
I never thought I would meet him. He challenges me, spurs my desire to show the world that one night will not define who I am.

Roman Evans

When the most beautiful blue-eyed blonde I’d ever seen slammed into me, my world was transformed.
But the universe played a cruel joke and the woman of my dreams is a constant reminder of my nightmares.
I lost someone once. A moment, a single action stole half of who I am. To allow myself to give in to my deepest desires feels like a betrayal and yet I’m drawn to her.
So I lie to the world and ignore my heart until it nearly breaks in two and I can’t take it anymore.
Live in the past or fight for the future?
I made a choice.

donna sexy

About the Author


Rachel Caid lives in Missouri with her husband and two sons. She is a self-proclaimed coffee addict with no plans of recovery and an avid reader of all types of romance. Her day job is very black and white, so she enjoys being able to lose herself in the colorful world of novels; whether it’s reading or writing them.

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Wow, this is a hard review to write because I am still thinking about this book long after I have finished it.  This is a hate to lovers story that has so many twists and turns and amazing side characters that you are sad to see it end.  One decision changed the course of Pearl’s life forever, and while it was 1 terrible day, it put her on the path to who she was meant to be.  Roman lets his feelings for Pearl turn him into a complete jerk, but yet, you can’t help but love him.
I love when books have that one person you want to punch, Rob was it!  What a great “bad guy” for a book.
But this book is a different kind of romance, it isn’t about the sex, it is about denying yourself and even about lies, and how lies and assumptions, etc can eat at you and bring you down.  It shows how important art can be and how something as simple as a painting can bring new meaning to things.  It shows that living up to expectations can break you and it also shows redemption and coming back and wanting to prove things can help a person do great things.  Sometimes all it takes is 1 person to help you be a better person.
So I say read this book and maybe it will help you learn something about yourself in the process.


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