Battle Scars by Emily Goodwin Review

Battle Scars.jpg

Cole and Ana both deserved to be happy, but no story is complete without some drama…this book definitely delivers that in the form of Stephen. I love the drama/suspense of Stephen and you never knew if and when that would end. But we also got to see Ana and Cole happy as a couple, which never gets boring. We get Ana writing, Cole editing and trying for a promotion, we get Luke and Lexi and their relationships with both Cole and Ana. We also get Ana’s sister and mom. I love when side characters add another dimension to a story and these characters definitely do.

This is book 2 in a series and definitely needs to be read after book 1, Bad Things.

This book is one that really shows you the day to day of a relationship and that is kindof refreshing, it shows you insecurities, even why people may lie about something, etc. Not to be confused for showing utter happiness and more. You really get a little bit of everything with this book.

You can purchase this book here: Battle Scars


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