Pay For Play by Victoria Ashley and Hilary Storm


This book is HOT. You may need to change your undies after you read this. Lynx knows he is good and knows how to use what God gave him, which is why he is the owner of Alphachat, where women can chat with a guy while he does whatever she wants on camera. But Rebel is an entirely different ballgame. She is independent and she doesn’t think Lynx could ever settle down with her. But this is some of the hottest chemistry I have ever read about. I could not put this book down, Lynx and Rebel are a must read couple.

You can purchase this book here: Pay For Play


Hot Damn by Katherine Lace

The first page of this book had me…a fire and she gets pulled out of the shower by a hot fireman…what isn’t to love and make you laugh a little about that.  The rest of the book does not disappoint. You can’t help but overall love all the side characters also.  The cat Thor may be my favorite though.
Maddy has goals and wants to reach them, Jesse has a thing for Maddie so when she suggests he pretends to be her boyfriend he is game.  But are they pretending or is it getting real?
If no other reason one should read this book for a hot fireman, an awesome single mom and the cat Thor.  Thor will knock you out of your socks, I promise! 🙂
You can purchase this book here:  Hot Damn

Hard Man By SJ Bishop

Hard Man.jpg

A former guy on the wrong side of the law turned football star heading to the Super Bowl.  One night changed everything for him when he meets Clarissa and instantly fell in love with her voice and one steamy night led to everything else.

Clarissa is tough as nails and she doesn’t just put up with anything from Lars.  Lars seems to always be in the wrong place and doesn’t always think fully before he acts.  He knows his past is lurking in the background and he is trying to get away from it.
What both thought was one night in an alley turned into so much more.  Little did they know then that her dad was the coach of his football team.
Lots of action and suspense with just a hint of the football thrown in.  It had a nice balance.  I personally love suspense books, so this one sure left me at the edge of my seat until the very end.
You can purchase this book here: Hard Man

Bedded Bliss by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

Bedded Bliss.jpg
What a fun book.  While I never read the original series I didn’t feel lost at all since they did such a great job of filling us in on who everyone was every step of the way.
Chloe vowed never to get involved with a rockstar again…but then she met Michael and one drunken night things got a little carried away.  Chloe is a single mother and Michael is AMAZING, I want him for myself.
This book overall I feel is on the lighter side, no overly heavy drama but just enough to keep it interesting.  The writing is phenomenal and keeps you engrossed from the first page all the way until it ends.  And while satisfying you just want the book to continue forever.
You can purchase this book here: Bedded Bliss

The Heir by Ellie Danes

The Heir.jpg

This book was SO much fun to read.  It is always nice to read a book that has humor and doesn’t have any major roadblocks.  I love that Lyla was a hard-ass and pushed Landon.  I loved Landon’s friend Andrew, I loved Riley’s friend Anna.  This book overall has a little bit of everything.  And by the end you have a great ending for everyone.

A year after Riley’s grandfather’s death she finally sells his house and moves across the country to be with her best friend Anna and also has broken up with her boyfriend Owen.  She wants to drive from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and on the way her rental car breaks down.  There she meets Landon Michel.  Who is the billionaire who when it starts has a huge gala the next night.  Riley doesn’t know who he is but they are instantly drawn to each other.

I don’t have enough words to describe my love of this book.  Riley and Landon are both awesome and I feel that for their situation their drama is real.  I loved everything about this book without exception.  Everyone needs to read it!!

You can purchase this book here: The Heir

The Pawn by Skye Warren

Dark and intriguing, The Pawn leaves you breathless in a way.  Gabriel is very complicated and you spend this entire book wondering what really makes him tick.  I love that the theme is Chess and that she can get information from him with this.  Avery is sweet and innocent and yet as she finds out more she becomes hurt.  BUT I NEED MORE!  This wait for book 2 is really long.
Gabriel is attracted to Avery from the moment he sees her and he will get what is his.  She knows he is no good but she can’t help that bit of hope.  Yet here she is, willing to sell her virginity to the highest bidder in order to keep her house after he dad lost everything.
Skye is an excellent writer and draws you in to this book from the very first page.  This is one you won’t want to put down and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat for book 2 (which comes out Jan 31st).
If you like the darker genre this is definitely a must read!
You can purchase this book here: The Pawn

Rebound by Sabrina York


While a very short read a lot was put into this book. It didn’t feel rushed to get the happy ending. I loved that these two were old friends and that you could see the longing from both of them. It just jumped right on in and it was all amazing from there. A few little mix-ups as we went through but a quick, fun read.

You can purchase this book here: Rebound