Rook & Ronin Omnibus Edition by J.A. Huss

This is 3 books about Rook and Ronin.  I see there are spin offs about Spencer and Ford which I can not wait to read.  Rook shows up with no money at a modeling studio because she ran away from her old life and only had $10 to her name.  She of course meets Ronin early and while he is instantly attracted to her she is trying to stay away from him (not because she doesn’t find him attractive).  This is their love story.  My only real issue is that I feel they fall IN LOVE too quickly.  I don’t find that realistic and I think that is a problem a lot of romance books have.  I did like that she couldn’t say it right away because she wasn’t sure.  But this series is really about Rook, with her meeting and befriending 3 guys, Ronin, Spencer and Ford.  Who all know each other…you find out how and why the three guys are connected, but all 3 help to take care of her as they all slowly find out about her past life.  She sure has had a hard one with being only 19.


This was a quick read as I really enjoy her writing and I love the mystery and the problems they face and must go through.  I love slowly learning the backstory of the characters and watching them grow.
Without giving anything away the epilogue really got to me…and now I HAVE to read Ford’s story!

Pros & Cons by Sydney Logan

This book was AMAZING.  It started out with so much sexual tension and banter that I just loved.  Jenna and Ethan are career con-(men) people…and both think the other couldn’t possibly be interested in them.  But their banter and flirting really tells you otherwise.   I love when books don’t just throw a couple together, and there was background to tell us that they had known each other for a long time.  Both figured one kiss would get the other out of their system, but they were so very wrong, and one kiss told them they could never get enough.   But with the life they had chosen they were in danger, so we got suspense and drama from that, while actually seeing a happy couple (once they got to that point).  I did not find it unbelievable when they fell in love because the author showed that the feelings for the other had been there for awhile and they had been denying them.  This was one of the best books I have read lately.  I don’t mind heavy “sex”, etc, I loved that that was not the focus in this book, so while they had sex, we also didn’t have tons of details in each and every chapter.  (it is a nice change of pace from some other books I have read).  I highly recommend this book if you like action, drama, romance and suspense with a HEA!

Shift (Hot Rides #2) by Sidney Bristol

I felt this book was a little slow to start, it took me about 20% to really get into and then it was hard to put down.  I did like that we met these characters in Drive, but we didn’t really learn much about them until now.  I loved both of them pining for the other from afar thinking there was no way the other could ever feel the same way.  Once they got together, they both still thought that the other didn’t really want it.  But I loved the take charge attitudes they both had and how they would both fight and do anything to make it work.  I think part of the reason it started out slow was because it was harder to really connect with Emery, he often replied in one word answers to Tori and while it was said it was because he was into her and it was hard to communicate, I found it weird that suddenly that changed and he was like fully sentences, remember.  I did like that Tori saw there was so much more to him then meets the eye, I just felt we saw this shift very suddenly with Emery.
So much action in this book, and you had no idea who was after Tori.  I love the idea of fast cars and lots of action.  While I like romance, I don’t only want the focus on that so I liked that while we got some hot steamy stuff, that wasn’t ALL we got, and I felt that was well balanced.

Second Chances (Dreams Come True Book 2) by Emma Nichols

To start: this is book 2 in a series yet I have not yet read book 1, so I consider this able to be a standalone.

I loved this book. Sebastian is a very well developed character with some dark demons from his past. Marisa has a past as well, to me not as bad but she still has to deal with her drunk father. This books gives us good backgrounds into these characters as well as many twists and turns throughout the book. I could not put it down.

Of course we get a HEA at the end of the book, but watching their stories develop separately and together makes for a great read and helps you root for them even more!

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

This book started out a little slower, Rachel would ride the rain daily and watched a family (a husband and wife) and she even gave them names.  Until one day on the train everything changed and she saw something.  This book then entwines Rachel into the lives of Megan and her husband as well as Rachel’s ex Tom and his wife Anna.

A story that unfolds as you try to find out who murdered Megan.  So many twists and turns and I love that we see things from Megan, Rachel and Anna’s perspectives at times.  I was busy guessing the entire ride through this novel.  It I a rollercoaster ride and if you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend it.

As a random side note:  I read this book with my friend Tara and funnily enough there were characters named both Cathy and Tara in this book.




Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

This book is as great as the title and also book one in the Happy Pants series… Taylor and Bennett have such an up and down relationship and I love how feisty she is and how really both her and Bennett are “trouble” at one point or another throughout this book. The back and forth/push and pull is amazing and I loved the ending. Their chemistry is off the charts just from my own imagination, this author knows how to deliver a romance novel. This is a book I can see myself reading over and over. I can not say enough good things about this book and will definitely be reading the rest of this series as they come out!

Landon by Kate Allenton

Landon is book 5 in the Love series….and it once again does not disappoint.  Landon hasn’t been back to town or seen him family in a long time.  His mission is to keep Alice safe and they are back, you guessed it, in his hometown.  We once again get to see our favorite Love characters and finally get more information on the elusive Landon.  Someone is out to kill Alice and it is Landon’s job to keep her alive and safe.  I love the amount of suspense and romance that went into this book.